Solana: The 65,000 TPS Blockchain: Warp Speed

Mass Adoption Will Occur When Blockchain Can Scale To Necessary TPS: Solana Embodies This Notion

Solana: The Warp Speed Blockchain: What is Solana?

A Web-Scale Blockchain: The Solana Experience

Solana embodies the necessary components that will assist in the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Since the conception of blockchain, many different blockchain networks have dealt with one focal and pivotal issue; the issue of low TPS/scalability. Solana is a single-layer blockchain with peak transaction times of over 65,000 TPS and 400ms block times. Solana boasts not only rapid transaction times but also, Solana amalgamates impressive transaction times and extremely low transaction prices; only $.00001 of a cent to be exact. The Solana Blockchain also has 50 global validators as well; these validators can stake their tokens and earn rewards by processing and verifying transactions via the Solana Blockchain Network. The Solana Blockchain operates through a concept known as Proof of History. Proof of History can be thought as a time-clock or time-stamp via the blockchain.

Making History With Proof Of History: The Solana Paradigm

Proof of History: The Backbone of the Solana Ecosystem

Proof of History is a concept that allows for validators and individuals alike to prove that a message has occurred before or after a specific event. Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it; Proof of History is a new concept where you can conceive of a historical record that proves that a particular event happened at a specific moment in time. Proof of History operates through sequential functions; these sequential steps coincide with a concept known as a “Verifiable Delay Function.” These sequential steps are a vial component of the Verifiable Delay Function and produces timestamps and transactions that can be easily verified. As Solana states on their website: PoH is a “clock before consensus.”

Partnerships And Community: The Embodiment Of Cryptocurrency: The Solana Experience

The Solana Team Embodies The Principles And Expertise Needed To Accelerate Mainstream Blockchain Adoption

The Solana team embodies the innovation and ingenuity that are necessary to accelerate and expand mainstream blockchain adoption. The Solana team has multiple members who have worked at top tier companies including but not limited to: Google, Intel, Twitter, Apple,Qualcomm and Microsoft. These technological behemoths have transformed our world and propelled technological innovation at a rapid rate since the dawn of the new millennium.

The Solana Telegram has over 50,000 members, the Discord has over 2000 members, their Twitter account has over 48,000 followers and are on many other social media outlets such as Medium. Solana has also created a podcast series where individuals can learn in abundance the intricate components of the Solana Network. The founder and CEO of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko led development of operating systems at Qualcomm, distributed systems at Mesophere and compression at Dropbox. Mr. Yakovenko also owns two personal patents surrounding high performance operating protocols.

Conclusion: The Blockchain Ecosystem That Will Lead Mass Adoption: The Solana Story

Propelling Mainstream Adoption For Blockchain Networks

It is evident that one of the most focal dilemmas that the blockchain sphere faces is the issue of scalability and slow transaction times; Solana aims to fix this vital issue that needs to be remedied. Boasting 60,000 transactions per second, one of the fastest blockchains in the world and growing, Solana has the team, the community and the resources to propel blockchain into the mainstream sphere of influence. This is a new era for blockchain technology, an era of transaction times that rival mainstream and antiquated methods of transaction validation and processing. Solana will be a project and network that will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. This is just the beginning.



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